Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Jennifer has been singing in the Bluegrass and Gospel arena with her siblings for 40 years. Raised by a mother from the Smokey Mountains and a father with deep roots in Southern Gospel music, she learned the artistry of  lyricism and intricate family harmonies. She draws from her background and influences to create and perform songs that tell a story and express her life experiences in ways which everyone can relate. Her music spans multiple genres, making her music very marketable to other recording artists, as well as soundtracks for film. As a vocalist, she brings a soulful, unique sound that draws an audience to her.  Her creativity has evolved from singing the songs deeply embedded in her family roots.


"Jennifer is one of the more prolific and well crafted songwriters I've heard come down the line in a really long time. As a vocalist, she's on a level that so many aspire to reach."- JIM BROCK, EMMY-NOMINATED PERCUSSIONIST
"Just love her voice. Looking forward to hearing more from Jennifer Givens. Watch out, she's gonna take off like a rocket!"- PAM TAYLOR, SONGWRITER & RECORDING ARTIST


Here With Me
Not Coming Back
Down To The River
Whiskey Rum & Rye
Sweet Rendezvous
Better Days
Come Over
Angels By My Side




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